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Ageless Mind & Body is an evolving source of information and services with the goal of helping you navigate through the Information Age as you try to improve your health and your quality of life.  We believe that an integrative approach results in better solutions, learning from many aspects of “medicine” to discover knowledge that will make us the best we can be!  

Kristina Masuga, MD

Dr. Masuga is a local physician who was unable to continue family practice & teaching after 2008 due to advanced lupus and adrenal insufficiency. Upon returning home with no treatments remaining, Dr. Masuga sought out many kinds of information that helped improve her symptoms enough that she is now able to share this with others.

Dr. Masuga attributes the pursuit of strategic genetics–applying individual gene results to treat individual problems–as the key to the greatest improvements in her health and the health of her patients along the way. She studied the work of Dr. Ben Lynch (naturopath & geneticist) since 2016 and after completing his genetic training continues to expand her knowledge of nutrition and naturopathic medicine to assist patients in healing themselves.

Now, after studying a variety of medical philosophies, Dr. Masuga is a proponent for an integrative medicine approach to health care and opened an office in town where she hopes to cultivate an environment where the many types of health care can grow.