Colds– how to beat them


Colds, flus,  & other upper respiratory illnesses are caused by viruses that multiply very quickly.  In order to make a significant impact on such an illness, you need to act quickly at the first sign of anything coming on.  Right now,  my recommendations are as follows:

 the 1st  few  hours:  (the sooner the better!)                                                  

Take a single dose of Vitamin A liquid  10,000-15,000 iu.                                                       

 Begin  Vitamin C liquid (liposomal preferred)  

         about 1000 mg, then 500mg 3x/day

Begin Zinc Lozenges, dissolve  2  on back of tongue, 

                                                   then 1 every 2-3 hours.                .

Eat/drink lots of natural folates and foods with glutathione.                                                                                                                                                                                 

(I personally recommend Seeking Health liquid Vitamin A, Pure Encapsulations liposomal Vitamin C, and Life Extension zinc lozenges—all found on Amazon  although essay writer our local health food store may have several viable options.)    Cold Eaze zinc lozenges are about 2/3 as strong as recommended dose, so use 3. Stop zinc lozenges if you develop an unpleasant metal taste in your mouth.

Natural-occurring folates found in food are used to make methylfolate which is the primary method by which our body can attack viruses and bacteria.  If you overwhelm the illness with enough methylfolate, a significant impact can be made on the entire illness, and often stop it dead in its tracks.  Mango, spinach, greens, refried beans, etc. are all natural sources. 

 (My favorite is Looza Mango concentrate –makes great popsicles for kids and sore throats!)

At the same time, you must be very careful to avoid synthetic folic acid –the version found in enriched flour, B vitamins, and energy drinks.  Synthetic folic acid inhibits methylation and dramatically slows the production of methyl-folate, preventing any real attack on viruses or bacteria.   (Pesticides also use up methyl groups, so this is an important time to eat organic!)

Stress, whether it is physical or mental, uses up methylfolate.  When you are coming down with an illness, this is the time to get lots of rest and avoid conflict!  The more you try to handle, the more you waste your methylation on stress rather than killing the viruses or bacteria.  Anything more than light activity is a physical drain that will inhibit your immune system as well—even if you are training for an event or regularly exercise.  

And always, always avoid tylenol! Our bodies use up a lot of methyl groups just to handle tylenol (acetaminophen)–methyl groups you need for beating your illness. Avoid any cold medications that contain acetaminophen.


Effects of Vitamin A Supplementation on Immune Responses and Correlation with Clinical Outcomes

Eduardo Villamor, Wafaie W. FawziDOI: 10.1128/CMR.18.3.446-464.2


Vitamin A supplementation to preschool children is known to decrease the risks of mortality and morbidity from some forms of diarrhea, measles, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, and malaria. These effects are likely to be the result of the actions of vitamin A on immunity. Some of the immunomodulatory mechanisms of vitamin A have been described in clinical trials and can be correlated with clinical outcomes of supplementation. The effects on morbidity from measles are related to enhanced antibody production and lymphocyte proliferation. Benefits for severe diarrhea could be attributable to the functions of vitamin A in sustaining the integrity of mucosal epithelia in the gut, whereas positive effects among HIV-infected children could also be related to increased T-cell lymphopoiesis. There is no conclusive evidence for a direct effect of vitamin A supplementation on cytokine production or lymphocyte activation. Under certain circumstances, vitamin A supplementation to infants has the potential to improve the antibody response to some vaccines, including tetanus and diphtheria toxoids and measles. There is limited research on the effects of vitamin A supplementation to adults and the elderly on their immune function; currently available data provide no consistent evidence for beneficial effects. Additional studies with these age groups are needed.

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